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Solar Panels

Vallation Series 

200 AMP Service Off Grid Living Solar System with Backup Internet Access! 


* Quad stacked Fortress 12KW Inverters

​* 86.4KWH Fortress energy storage battery array


​* 72KW solar panel array

* NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

​* 10 Year system warranty, 25 Year Solar Panel 

   warranty standard.

* Generac 45KW Propane Generator

* Designed to charge the storage battery within 

  one day.

* Zip Code approved hurricane area certified             solar panel racking, Ground Mount standard.

Assembled_in_USA-removebg-preview (3).png
Generac 36 KW Generator.png

Our Vallation Series 200 Amp service Off Grid System includes a 12 KW Propane fueled Generac generator to provide power for recharging batteries and ensuring your systems are fully functional on cloudy days when the solar system needs assistance with load requirements. 

Ask us about 100 and 500 Gallon Propane tanks for your new generator. We can help you do it all, we got ya covered. 

500 Gallon Propane Tank.png
100 gallon Propane Tank.png

Fully Compatibile with in home Level 2 EV Charging systems. 

Charger Pic.png
Inverter Stack Picture.png
Battery Stack Picture.png
Battery Stack Picture 2.png

System includes 32 each, 450 Watt half cut cell Solar Panels for a total of 72 KW of solar energy power to the system per day. Designed to replenish the storage battery within one daily solar charging cycle.

Solar Array includes Iron Ridge Ground Mount racking custom selected for your location zip code.  Heavy duty, wind tunnel tested for maximum durability and protection of your investment. 

Fortress Envy 24 KW Quad Stacked Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverters for ease of installation and maximum power for off grid living is the heart of the power system. Can be connected directly to the grid, or just use the included backup external generator.  120/220VAC single phase output included. 

Business Class Wi-Fi
Access Point included!

WAP Graphic.png

Will this system work for me?

Vallation 200 Amp Service is a great system for these situations:

Electric bill now averages 40- 55 KWh/Day

You are wanting to achieve essential systems power backup and Off Grid living

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We have Financing packages available for everyone.

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