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Solar Panels


400 Watt Solar

400AH Battery

NEMA 4 Controller

World Wide Deployment ability

Built in GPS with Geo Fencing

Robust system monitoring and access via the internet

Cloud Monitoring, Data Storage fully supported

Night Vision Range of 328ft.

Horizon_Front_Side Background Removed.png
Controller Close Up.jpg
Horizon Rear View.jpg
Solar array Inclinometer.jpg

Intell-Eye Horizon is a satellite communications enabled, solar powered surveillance solution designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year under continuous recording duty. 

It is a robust system and will continue to operate from a full charge for at least 48 hours + with no sunshine or cloudy days.

Multiple systems can be network meshed for an unlimited area coverage miles in diameter.

Download the Product Brochure!

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