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Solar Panels

Solarius -500 Optimum is a single source of AC and DC energy capable of delivering 500 watts of Pure Sinewave AC powered by the sun! Its an earth friendly solar energy harvesting and storage system designed specifically for low current critical and backup power applications. The Solarius-500 is completely self contained, and can be installed by the homeowner or handy man with a minimum of skills or tools.  The system is intelligent too, and can be viewed and monitored from anywhere in the world where Internet is available on your PC, tablet, cell phone or other internet enabled device. 

Check out these features!

* Wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet communications.

* Simply plug and play your solar panel                         connectors,(200Watt/24 VDC - 600Watt/24VDC)

* Built in MPPT Solar Charge controller, Lightning     Protection, system monitoring and control.

* New!! Built in 4GLTE Router with LAN Failover to keep you connected when the grid goes down!

* Heavy duty, In Use Weather proof coNEW!ver and Dual GFCI protected AC Outlets.

* NEMA 4 rated enclosure. Fan cooled and an             internal LED strip light for night time assistance.

* Internal 100Amp/HR. Lithium Storage Battery           with 5 Year warranty.

* 500VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter standard.

* External weatherproof CAT-6 connector for               wiring Solarius directly into your hardwired             network.

* Solar Research Technologies covers your system     with a Five Year warranty, and free Factory               System Monitoring and Tech Support!

* Easy to mount and install.

Pays for itself over time.

Operates as a Primary, or backup internet router using GSM. Internet Remains Operational when grid power is down.

Qualifies for 30% Federal Energy Credit rebate.


Download the product PDF for more information

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Hurricane Ian Tested!

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