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Solar Panels

Optimum ERCA 12 Emergency Residential Charging-
Network Access Center

Emergency Charging Center with Backup Internet Access! (When connected to an existing Optimum Solarius-500)


*Built in 5 Port GB Switch for internet from Optimum Solarius-500.

​* Twin USB-C charge ports, (Apple device compatible.)


​* Bright front facing LED area light for garage size illumination.

​* LED down light for charging area.

​* Plug and Play compatibility with all Optimum and Eclipse systems.

* NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

​* 5 Year warranty.

​Optimum Residential Charging Center provides you with internet access, area lighting, and a ready to go charging station during power outages, storms or emergency use.

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20221029_184802ERCA Lights On.png
Optimum_Companion_Center_Graphic-no background.png
Charge ports.png

Keeps you safe, devices charged and provides backup Wi-Fi internet when grid power goes down!

Business Class Wi-Fi Access Point included!

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5 Year Warranty.png
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Optimum ERCA 12 is an essential safety item for all hurricane impact areas to maintain safety and internet communications!

Download the product PDF for more information

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