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Using Solar Energy!

Hello Everyone! I wanted to start a blog and talk about all the ways we find to use solar energy.

I am the President, and Head of Engineering at Solar Research Technologies LLC. We are constantly developing new products that take advantage of our skills and expertise with solar energy. I am very interested in finding out what you guys have done with the technology in your adventures.

To help get the discussion started, I have included some pictures of systems that we build and a little about each one.

This is one of our Whole Home Solar Generators. It is a powerful system, and relatively easy to afford for a solar system.

This system is a new product we introduced for hybrid surveillance systems that are completly autonomous. It uploads data directly to the internet and is fully capable of operating in locations where absolutely no internet, no power of any kind is available. We even offer it with a satellite network system for those really, really remote areas!

What cool stuff do you have? What have you built? Please share!



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