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Solar Panels

Our Solari MRMS PV Rail Mount system offers a rapid, easy to install PV racking solution for container homes. Our MRMS system is constructed of heavy marine grade materials designed to last a lifetime, and carries a full 25 year warranty assuring you of a robust solar system design.
Installation could not be easier! Position the MRMS mounting system on the top rail of the container, torque into place and connect the Iron Ridge XR rail system. Mount the PV panels and you are done!
Our system can be homeowner installed and offers a zero penetration robust mounting system for your solar array. No drilling required into the container for optimum rust inhibition.

Check out these features!

* Zero Penetration solid mounting system.

* Complies with NEC 250, 690 Code requirements     for solar grounding when properly installed.

* Complies with UL 3741 and UL 2703.

* Non-corrosive marine grade materials.

* Can be homeowner installed.

* Spans standard 8 ft Wide Containers.

* Available in Standard, or HD designs. Compatible with all Iron Ridge XR100/1000 series components.

Qualifies for 30% Federal Energy Credit rebate.


25 Year Warranty!

7.25”H x 2.75”W x 2.75” D 

Weight, Each 20 Oz.

* 304 SS Fittings
* Marine grade HDPE 1 in. thick body
* Brass thread Inserts for maximum  strength

* Iron Ridge XR-100 Rail Kit
* Iron Ridge XR-1000 Rail Kit
* Color Choices (Black Standard)
   White Color Option
   6061 Aluminum, Powder Coated

Solar4America PV Panel.png
Solar4America PV Panel.png

Download the product PDF for more information

Complete energy system kits available including everything you need!

Solari MRMS
Mini Rail Mount System for Container Homes

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