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Solar Panels

Solari 2KW Professional Intelligent Solar Power Generation Module

Check out these features!

* Wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet communications.

* Twin articulating 320 Watt Solar Panels retract       for compact storage and transportation.                      

* Built in MPPT Solar Charge controller, Lightning     Protection, system monitoring and control.

* Visual alarm status for surge protection, system     status and battery voltage monitor.

* Heavy duty 3KW 120VAC Inverter, 220 Option          

* NEMA 4 rated enclosure. Fan cooled and an             internal LED strip light for night time assistance.

* Internal 400Amp/HR. Lithium Storage Battery         with 5 Year warranty. (800AH Option)

* Color Touch Screen local display on Control             Panel.

* Enough power to start and run a 1 3/4HP

    electric  motor at 120VAC!

* Built in GPS for worldwide position data.                  

* Solar Research Technologies covers your system     with a Five Year warranty, and free Factory               System Monitoring and Tech Support!

Perfect for mobile power applications without a fuel source.

Hydraulic solar array positioning system.


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Download the Product Brochure!

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