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Solar Panels

Vallation 8KW Solar Generator 

Dedicated Circuit Solar Energy Management with Backup Internet Access! 

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*2.4 KW Solar Array Panels Included

​* 10.8 KWH Lithium Iron Battery Storage


​* 8 KW Fortress Envy Inverter with Grid tie, Generator Input

* NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

​* 10 Year system warranty, 25 Year Solar Panel warranty included

*Expandable Storage and power anytime in the future should your energy needs change!

​Vallation provides you with redundant internet access, 8KW of power for up to six dedicated 120VAC circuits, ready to install. 5 ms Fast Cut over when grid goes down to restore power, and your internet instantly without a glitch. No waiting for the generator to start up and restore power. 

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Business Class Wi-Fi Access Point included!

Fully Compatibile with in home Level 1 EV Charging systems. 

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Product PDF!

Will this system work for me?

Vallation 8KW is a great system for these situations:

Electric bill now averages 20KWh/Day

You are wanting to achieve essential systems power backup or partial Off Grid living

We have Financing packages available for everyone.

fortress eFlex battery enclosure.png

10.8 KWH Fortress Lithium Battery Storage

Single Solar Panel.png
Single Solar Panel.png
Single Solar Panel.png
Single Solar Panel.png
Single Solar Panel.png
Single Solar Panel.png

System includes 6 each, 400 Watt half cut cell Solar Panels for a total of 2.4 KW of solar energy power to the system. Designed to replenish the storage battery within one daily solar charging cycle.

Fortress Envy 8 KW Inverter.png

Fortress Envy 8 KW Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter for ease of installation is the heart of the power system. Can be connected directly to the grid, or backup external generator.  120 single phase output included. 

4GLTE Internet backup built in. 3ms cut over when your home internet goes down to restore your communications and safety.

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